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Business Formation & Structuring

At Shoup Legal, we have years of experience helping and advising entrepreneurs and business owners.

The support of an experienced attorney is a valuable asset when you are structuring the entity for a new company or commercial enterprise. Not only do you need to choose the right legal structure for the company, but it is essential to lean on the recommendations of a skilled legal expert regarding the structure that will protect your interests and fit your business objectives. Our team at Shoup Legal is here to help you turn a business idea into a viable company.

Types of Business Entities

At Shoup Legal, we have years of experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners with entity structuring and business formation. Every successful business needs a strong foundation of legal protection, which can be achieved by creating the right type of entity. This process creates protection for individuals, reducing the risk of collateral damage if something happens within the business. We can assist with various types of legal entities:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • S corporations
  • C corporations
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Limited partnerships (LP)
  • Professional corporations (PC)
  • Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • Partnerships
  • Family limited partnerships (FLP)

There are numerous considerations that go into which business entity should be used such as:

  1. How much revenue and profit you anticipate to receive from your business,
  2. How will your business be managed and controlled,
  3. Your desired business field and what services you will be offering,
  4. Whether you or your business requires a certain license to legally operate (which may require a professional business entity or can legally eliminate other entities that may otherwise be available),
  5. Whether you will be going into a partnership with someone else,
  6. How many employees you will be hiring and their desired involvement in the business,
  7. Whether you will be purchasing real estate, and
  8. Whether you intend on bringing in future investors.

Our experienced team will evaluate the unique details related to your business to help you understand the benefits of specific types of entities. We work hand-in-hand with business owners so that you can make an informed decision regarding the legal structure of the business. Not only will the right business structure provide protection, but the entity can also be beneficial for tax strategy.

Full Range of Business Services

When you choose Shoup Legal for help with your business, rest assured knowing that we can help with all legal aspects: entity structure, filing, business registration, incorporating documents, and more. We offer legal support for new start-ups as well as business restructuring.

Additionally, we are here to support if you need legal assistance for joint ventures or a variety of other kinds of business partnerships. We specialize in business legal services, offering a full range of knowledge and skillsets to help with anything that you need.

If you are looking for legal advice for your business, then Shoup Legal is here to help. Call us today to learn about the legal solutions available for your business: (951) 445-4114

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      Our Business Incorporation Guide is FREE, just tell us where to send it.

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