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Corporate Law

Is your business structured with the right entity and legal protections to match your unique circumstances? Business legal requirements vary depending on the industry and the size of the company, which is why it is essential to engage the services of a knowledgeable legal team for assistance.

At Shoup Legal, we offer everything from new business formation to ongoing legal services for established companies. Our goal is to ensure that your interests are protected from the beginning. We can help with the structure of your corporation, as well as corporate governance issues that will affect your business in the future.

Corporate Law & Regulations

If you are considering forming a corporation, or have already formed one, it is crucial that your corporation is formed according to what is required by California law.

Too often, business owners make the mistake of assuming that a DIY approach is fine for their corporation or commonly rely on non-attorneys to prepare their businesses. The problem is that corporate law requires certain steps to be followed within the corporation, and these details are often overlooked without the services of an experienced corporate law attorney. But missing key details, your business may not be considered to be “fully formed” or even to have existed at all. This will likely mean that your business will not provide you with any protection at all which will leave you being personally responsible in the event of a dispute.

We can help with the tune-ups that are needed to ensure that your corporation is on the right track. Our services pay attention to the details and requirements, such as:

  • Preparing documented corporate meetings such as the annual meeting between the Corporation’s Board of Directors and Shareholders
  • Annual report filing with the Secretary of State
  • Review of existing corporate records
  • Strategizing the proper maintenance and operation of your business
  • Assisting in designing and implementing your business’s succession plan

These are just a few of the corporate law services available for business owners. At Shoup Legal, we provide a concierge approach, giving you access with a wide range of legal support from our experienced team. We pay attention to the details to ensure that you receive thorough, quality services for all of your business needs.

Corporate Matters & Transactions

By familiarizing ourselves with your business and legal needs, we can offer personal recommendations to fit your unique needs. Rest assured knowing that our team of experts can assist with everything from general corporate matters to contract negotiation, corporate transactions, and more.

We know that business laws can be complicated, which is why it is essential that you choose an experienced legal team. For more information about these services, Shoup Legal is here to help. Call today for the legal support that you need to protect your business interests: (951) 445-4114

Our Business Incorporation Guide is FREE, just tell us where to send it.

      Should You Incorporate
      Your Business?

      Have you ever wondered if your business should be incorporated?
      If so, this is the guide for you!

      Many new and existing business owners are wondering the same thing. Whether you own an existing business, such as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company, or are just starting out, deciding whether to form your own corporation is a huge decision. This FREE guide will help you to determine if incorporating your business is a smart decision, and why!

      Topics include:

      • The Steps to Incorporating
      • Protection from Liability
      • Tax Planning
      • Succession Planning

      Our Business Incorporation Guide is FREE, just tell us where to send it.

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