With summer on the horizon, you might be eagerly planning your travel adventures. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the beach or a month-long European tour, summer is a popular time for travel. However, amidst the excitement of planning the perfect trip, don’t overlook the importance of emergency planning, especially when traveling abroad!

Update Your Estate Plan

One of the first steps in preparing for summer travel is ensuring that your estate plan is up to date. This includes essential documents such as a will, power of attorney, and healthcare directives. These documents outline your wishes in the event of incapacitation or death and are critical for ensuring that your affairs are handled according to your preferences.

Travel with Necessary Documents

When traveling abroad, it’s essential to have all necessary documents readily accessible. This includes copies of your passport, driver’s license, health insurance cards, and emergency contact information. Additionally, it’s a good idea to carry a copy of your will and power of attorney, as well as any relevant medical documents, such as allergies or pre-existing conditions.

Establishing powers of attorney is especially important when traveling, as these documents allow trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf in case you are unable to do so. This might include financial decisions, such as managing bank accounts or paying bills, as well as healthcare decisions, such as consenting to medical treatment or surgery. Without powers of attorney, your loved ones could face challenges in accessing your accounts or even squabble over critical decisions during an emergency.

Plan for Unforeseen Circumstances

In addition to having the necessary documents in place, it’s essential to have a plan for handling emergencies while traveling. This includes knowing where to access medical care, how to contact local emergency services, and making plans for returning home in case of a serious emergency.

Consider Travel Insurance

You should consider travel insurance, which can provide coverage for unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage. While no one likes to think about worst-case scenarios, having travel insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection during your trip.

Plan with Confidence

By taking these steps, you can enjoy your summer adventures with confidence, knowing that you are prepared for whatever may come your way. For more information on emergency planning or estate planning, the attorneys at Shoup Legal are on hand to answer your questions. Contact us at (951) 445-4114 as summer travel picks up so that we can help you prioritize emergency planning.