We have simplified the estate planning process to ensure your needs are met


  ~ Introductory Call ~

We listen and ask questions to gain a basic understanding of your particular situation and concerns, and assess how we can best assist you.  We schedule an appointment time for our initial visit to gather more information from you.


  ~ Initial Visit ~

To best evaluate your needs, we will discuss your family situation and have an in-depth conversation about your personal goals and needs.  After we have a better understanding of your goals, we assess potential solutions for your unique situation and how we can help you achieve those goals.  We will thoroughly explain the components of your estate planning options, including our fees and the outcome we will achieve for you.  If you decide to proceed, we will schedule a design meeting to discuss the details of your plan.


  ~ Design Meeting ~

At the design meeting, we will incorporate the information you previously gave us and discuss your specific concerns for your trust terms, Trustee succession, and beneficiary disbursements.  We will also discuss specific trust structure to ensure we design your legal documents to best achieve your intended outcome.

  ~ Draft Review ~

After the Design Meeting, we draft your legal documents according to the specifics discussed.  We take you step-by-step through your documents for your understanding and input to further tailor your documents to your wishes.  Once your documents reflect your needs, we schedule a Plan Implementation Meeting to sign your final documents.


  ~ Plan Implementation ~

We prepare the final documents for you to sign.  We also discuss each asset you own and decide the best option for asset titling and beneficiary designation to ensure your wishes are honored.  After signing, your documents will go through the finalization procedures and delivered to you, including an electronic copy for easy access.


  ~ Ongoing Support ~

Our Murrieta Estate Planning Attorneys are happy to assist you with ongoing questions and concerns after your plan is implemented and your documents are finalized.

Estate Planning Process


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