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Live Webinar: How to Protect Your Legacy and Avoid a Family Meltdown

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We are all concerned about what is going to happen upon our passing or incapacitation.

Typically, our biggest concerns involve:

1. Protecting what we have worked so hard to build
2. Remaining in control of ourselves and our property
3. Keeping California out of our personal affairs
4. Keeping the peace in our family and avoiding the common struggles that happen SO OFTEN when things are not done correctly.

Our legacy, and how we will be remembered among our family, friends, business community, and colleagues, is something that can be significantly impacted by not properly planning which often results in years of Court involvement and the DRAMA that comes along with it.

In this Webinar entitled: “The Ultimate Guide for how to Protect your Legacy and Avoid a Family Meltdown” is a straight-forward guide where we will cover the following:

1. How to keep California out of your affairs
2. The simple things you should do today to protect your legacy
3. How we can provide for generations to come with our estate
4. What can we do to smoothly transition our property to our desired recipients
5. What are the things that we should AVOID to protect ourselves, our family, our property, and our businesses from utter turmoil that comes along with improper planning
6. What are the proper tools that you should have in place to take care of and properly manage your affairs.

Register today for our webinar, stop the guessing game, stop the Google searches, and get peace of mind from our team of experts with years of collective legal experience in the industry.

Our Attorneys specialize in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law and have been helping California families since 2012 in preserving and protecting not only their Legacy… but alsovtheir families.

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