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The Business Owner’s Guide to Incorporating

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      Is It Time to Incorporate?

      Have you ever wondered when is it the right time to incorporate? You are not alone! Many business owners are wondering the same thing. Whether you own an existing business, (such as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company) or are just starting out, deciding when and how to form your own corporation is a huge decision.

      This recorded webinar “The Business Owner’s Guide to Incorporating” is available to access 24/7 and has been structured to answer your most common questions with clear, straight-forward answers. It will help you to determine if you need to incorporate, and if so, how to go about doing it.

      Discussion points will include:

      • How the Corporate format provides liability protection for owners via a “Corporate Veil”, in ways sole proprietorships and certain partnerships DO NOT.
      • Is incorporating right for your specific business? You can find out by answering 5 simple questions.
      • When is a Corporation preferable to an LLC?
      • When you MUST use the Corporation rather than an LLC.
      • How do you form a Corporation PROPERLY?
      • How to know if your Corporation was formed correctly or incorrectly.
      • How to maintain and operate your Corporation the RIGHT way.
      • How to prepare your business for incorporation.
      • How to transition your business into a Corporation once it is formed.

      Register now and get instant access to our Business Incorporation webinar recording.

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