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5 Estate Planning Tips for Unmarried Couples

We talk a lot about estate planning for families and married couples. But the fact is that there are thousands of long-term couples that are not married, and some may…

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Probate Defined and Can It Be Costly?

When you die, you want all of your assets to pass down to the beneficiaries of your choice without any contention, legal fees, and drama. While probate may seem inevitable…

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How to Choose Wisely: Tips for Selecting Your Trustee

When you set up a trust, you want to pick someone to take care of the trust and the instructions that come with it if you were to become incapacitated…

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How Does Your Life Insurance Policy Fit into an Estate Plan?

If you have an estate plan, do you still have a need for a life insurance policy? Even if you have plenty of assets to pass down to your loved…

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Why You Should Have an Advanced Health Care Directive

Life is filled with twists and turns that no one can expect. So while it may be more comfortable to assume that nothing will ever happen to you and go…

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The Top 3 Things to Know About Special Needs Trusts

Taking care of a child with special needs can come with challenges, including financial ones. However, you want to set your child up for success in every way, which means…

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How to Qualify for Medi-Cal Benefits Without Going Broke First

It may feel like the only way to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits is if you barely have any income at all. While that may be true for some cases, you…

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What to Know About Estate Planning and Dementia

As symptoms of dementia set in, it is essential to get your estate plan in place if you haven’t done so already. Your capacity to make financial, medical, and planning…

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5 Estate Planning Tips for Business Owners

As a business owner, your assets are likely more extensive than someone who does not own a business. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the future of your business…

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All About Appointing Guardianship in Estate Plans

You may find it challenging to talk about what would happen to your children if you and your spouse were to pass away. No one wants to imagine such a…

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What Is an LLC and How Does It Work?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company – a phrase that you’ve probably heard in the business industry but might not understand how it works. If you own a small business…

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What Is the Difference Between a Revocable and Irrevocable Trust?

A trust is a key component of estate planning that is used to pass down assets to beneficiaries while avoiding probate and minimizing estate taxes. There are two kinds of…

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