Estate Planning for Non-US Residents

August 1, 2017



Many families in California are multinational, where one or more members may be non-residents of the United States.  This has many implications when it comes to estate planning, since there are specific rules that apply to distribution of US property to heirs.


Perhaps the most significant challenge for non-residents is the difference in the estate tax exemption, currently $5.49 million for US residents.  Foreign nationals have only a $60,000 exemption for their US-based estate assets, meaning that amounts over that could be taxed at 40%.  There are also differences with gift taxes, even between spouses if one of them is a non-resident.  


If you or a family member is a non-resident of the US, and your family holds assets inside the US, it is essential to obtain estate planning advice from an attorney with experience in these issues.


Contact Attorney Andrea Shoup at 951-445-4114 to discuss your situation.

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