What is “Probate”?

September 1, 2017




Our clients are often confused about the term ‘probate’ and how it fits into estate planning.  Very simply, probate is the legal process where a court approves the transfer of assets through a will. This is not the only way to accomplish this, and can often be time consuming or expensive for your heirs.


Trusts are often used as a method of avoiding probate, in other words sidestepping the need for court approval and verification of the will.  Nonetheless, use of a will and going through probate may be best for some families with small estates, and that is why it is necessary to consult an estate planning attorney to explain your options.


We are available to discuss your estate planning alternatives, including wills, trusts and tax planning, so that your heirs receive the maximum inheritance possible from your estate.


Call Shoup Legal if you have any questions at 951-445-4114 or visit our website at ShoupLegal.com.

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