Emergency Plan

October 12, 2017



With natural disasters, horrific attacks, and tragedy stories filling our newsfeeds every day, we need to pause to make sure we are prepared.  What is our emergency plan?  We can stock pile bottled water and canned food for large disasters, but what about the more personal emergencies families face every day?  Do we have an emergency plan for car accidents, heart attacks, or strokes?


When the unexpected occurs, our family needs to be protected with the necessary legal documents to make sure our financial, legal, and medical needs continue to be met.  If medical decisions need to be made, an advanced health care directive nominating a person to make those medical decisions is necessary.  If our mortgage payments need to be made, a financial power of attorney is needed to access our bank account and send our mortgage payment for our home.  If our children are minors, a temporary guardian needs to be elected so that they can avoid temporary foster care placement.


As we create our emergency kits with flashlights, batteries and non-perishable goods to make sure our family will be safe during large disasters, make sure you have also set up the necessary legal documents so your family is protected against the personal emergencies.  Call Attorney Andrea K. Shoup at 951-445-4114 to set up an appointment or visit ShoupLegal.com for more information.  

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