Even If You Are Unmarried, With No Children, You Need an Estate Plan

December 18, 2017


There are many single, unmarried adults in California who choose not to have children, but they mistakenly believe they don’t need an estate plan.  Unless you have absolutely no assets, an estate plan is the only way to avoid intestate laws.


Here is what you need to know:

  • If you have no living relatives at all, intestate laws will give your assets to the state of California.

  • If your parents are deceased, your brothers and sisters will receive all of your assets in equal shares, even if you are not close to them.

  • An estate plan allows you to make choices about your heirs and beneficiaries, including friends, charities and distant relatives you may be close to.


So, don’t let state laws decide how your assets are divided, and take the simple step of creating a will or trust that reflects you true wishes.  Contact Attorney Andrea Shoup at 951-445-4114 to discuss your situation.

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