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When it comes to Estate Planning, it is very important for California residents to understand the Probate system in our state.  If you own a home or even a modest portfolio of assets, the Probate costs could cost your family tens of thousands of dollars.


How do you avoid this?


The first step is to understand what Probate is and how it works.  We’ve recorded this brief video to shorten your learning curve.


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Business Owners:  6 Things Every Business Needs

1. A Good Business Plan

A good business plan can make or break the success of your business. Your business plan should include:

  • A plan for hiring employees

  • Your marketing strategy

  • A financial investment

  • Details concerning your specific products or services


2. The Proper Business Entity

What business entity will you use? Are you going to do business as a sole proprietor, LLC, or Corporation? There are significant differences, advantages, and disadvantages to each form which need to be carefully explored with good legal counsel.


3. Appropriate Business Contracts

What business contracts will you be using? The most common business contract utilized is a service agreement that will provide some protect for you and will detail out your services that you will be offering or selling.


4. Sound Tax Planning Strategy

You’ll want to put this in place with your tax advisor.  It can save you a substantial amount of money when its time to file your taxes.


5. The Required Licensing and Certifications

Obviously, you will want to be fully aware of the requirements by the state of California, your county, and your local city.


6.  Adequate Insurance and/or Bonding

Not having the proper coverage could result in liability that can put you out of business or worse.

A Bonus Tip:

Make sure you are operating your business correctly and separately from yourself personally. This is the number one reason why business owners get into trouble because they don’t know how to maintain or operate their business.

If you have any questions about getting your business started or making sure that it is properly protected, please contact our office.

Medi-Cal and Nursing Home Benefits

The time may come that you or a loved one needs the skilled nursing care provided by a specialized facility. For many individuals and families, the cost of a nursing facility can be prohibitive, or quickly drain other resources such as a retirement fund. 


The average skilled nursing care facility costs over eight thousand dollars per month!


Medi-Cal does cover the cost of nursing facilities, but only for those who qualify for the program. If you or your loved one fails to qualify for Medi-Cal due to ownership of certain assets, you might benefit from the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney.

There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to qualifying for Medi-Cal benefits.  Some of the more common Medi-Cal "myths" are:

1.  Having to spend all of your money prior to becoming Medi-Cal eligible.

2.  That Medi-Cal performs a 5-year "look-back" to see if you qualify.

3.  Owning a home could keep you from qualifying for Medi-Cal benefits.

These statements are all FALSE, yet many people commonly believe them to be true.  This is why you need to work with an experienced attorney in order to help you qualify for Medi-Cal.

We can help you reposition assets, so that you or a family member can qualify for Medi-Cal benefits. And in some cases, we can help you take additional steps to reduce your share of the cost so that Medi-Cal will completely cover the cost of skilled nursing care in an appropriate facility. 


If you have questions on how you or your loved one can qualify for Medi-Cal, while preserving assets within the family, please contact Shoup Legal. We'll be happy to assist you.