Kelli Got Married!

Kelli Wedding Spotlight New developments are always occurring with the team here at Shoup Legal, and this month we have some exciting news to share with you. Our estate planning assistant, Kelli, got married this past February. It was a fun-filled event full of laughter, smiles, and joy that Kelli and her new husband will remember for the rest of their lives. To honor the grand occasion, we want to share some highlights of the event as well as some background on Kelli and Tyler’s relationship.

Tyler was Kelli’s best friend’s roommate. The two had met on several occasions but never really spent time with one another. Eventually, Kelli’s best friend felt the two would be a perfect match and encouraged them to date. Tyler asked for Kelli’s number, and they started talking. After a year of dating, Tyler brought Kelli to the Pantages Theater to see “Hamilton,” which she found slightly strange since he wasn’t a theater guy. Her suspicions were verified when Tyler proposed at home after the performance. He even snuck their friends into the house for an impromptu celebration after she said yes!

The wedding was an amazing celebration. Kelli wore her mom’s wedding dress from the ‘80s and had it tailored to make it more modern. Her dad, who officiated the ceremony, decided to play a harmless joke on Kelli since he knows how much she despises magicians. During the ceremony, he had Tyler pick a card and kept it hidden for later. While dancing with Kelli, her dad pulled the card out of his sleeve, which was a big hit with the crowd.

Another big highlight involved Kelli ’s 10-year-old son. To everyone’s surprise, he gave a speech introducing Tyler as his new stepdad. There wasn’t a dry eye left in the building after he finished speaking. Instead of going on a honeymoon after the wedding, Kelli and Tyler went on a “haunted moon” to visit some of the most haunted locations in the state. They visited Alcatraz, the Winchester Mystery House, and a few other locations. We’re so happy for Kelli and her new husband!

We wish the best for both of you going forward!