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      Why Should You Join
      Our Advisor Network?

      Do you advise small businesses on strategy, marketing, financial matters, business operations, leadership and management, taxes, it/technical issues, human resources and hiring, sales, real estate and property, or other areas important to small business owners?

      Shoup Legal wants small businesses and the advisors who support them to succeed. One way we help is through developing relationships with advisors and business owners as part of our growing “Advisor Network.”

      We invite you to apply to become a member of this network which is designed to connect business professionals with the resources they need to best advise their clients and help grow their businesses.

      As a member of our network, you will…

      • Receive a monthly newsletter covering applicable topics on laws, regulations, and public policy changes at the state and federal levels.
      • Receive links to supportive industry blogs and articles of interest.
      • Gain access to private “Advisor Network” LinkedIn and Facebook pages.
      • Be notified of upcoming Advisor webinars and other events.
      • Have access to exclusive Strategy Sessions for YOUR clients.
      • Be invited to regular virtual and in-person networking events where you can meet other members of the Advisor Network, share experiences, discuss best practices, etc.

      Why is This Important?

      Small business is the backbone of the U.S. economy, with the country’s more than 27 million small businesses generating about 50 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP). Small businesses create jobs, spur innovation, and provide opportunities for people all over the country to achieve financial success and independence. Their success is everyone’s success.

      What Can This Network Do for Me?

      Shoup Legal is a small business and we’re advisors, too, working with individuals and business owners on various legal matters. We understand the challenges of owning and operating a small business, and we understand the challenges advisors face as well.

      Running a small business is not easy. Most small businesses rely on advisors to support their business goals and provide or supplement important skills and expertise.

      As an advisor . . .

      • You need access to timely information on laws and regulations. What’s new? What’s changing? What’s on the horizon—and what does it mean for you and your small business clients?
      • You need access to resources for business building and to be able to tap into the collective wisdom of other advisors and small business owners just like you. What are the latest trends? What’s working? What isn’t working? What are some best practices others are willing to share?
      • You need a way to stay on top of it all that doesn’t become full-time job in itself. Where can you easily access vital information, relevant training, and networking events—either in-person or virtually?
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