Reflecting on shared experiences with my sibling.

Is there anything more special than the relationship between siblings? They’re often our first friends and closest confidants throughout our adult years. This April, we celebrate Siblings Day, which provides a great chance to shower our siblings with love and support.

I have one older brother, and I have become incredibly grateful for the relationship we have cultivated as we’ve grown older. He’s six years older than me, meaning we were regularly at different stages in our lives throughout our youth. We grew closer as we grew older, and now he’s one of my best friends.

We spend nearly every holiday together and often vacation with each other’s families. It doesn’t matter if we’re going hiking, playing soccer or Scrabble with our families, or spending time at our parents’ house, I know that when we’re together, we will have a great time.

What makes our relationship even stronger is how well our families get along. My brother is a huge Raiders fan, while my husband is a big Packers fan. These teams are in different conferences, so they only play each other once every four years. Every eight years, the game takes place close to home. We know when that game is approaching and ensure we get tickets so everyone can go together. Some friendly teasing might be involved, especially since the Packers have won the past seven contests. The game should take place in Las Vegas this year, so we’re definitely planning to go.

Another activity that I can’t wait to experience is hiking with our families in Yosemite. When we were growing up, my brother and I always made the hike up to Half Dome, and now his daughter is reaching an age where she’s ready to attempt it. We’re going to tackle it as a family, and everyone should have a great time!

My brother is a huge part of my life, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Hopefully, we can spend some time together on Siblings Day and reflect on our shared experiences.