Diane’s Journey to Pursue a Career in Law

Employee growth is a focal point in our business. Whenever we hire someone new to the team, we want to be there to help them accomplish their goals, regardless of whether those goals involve the legal field or not. Some of our team members have dreams of being attorneys, and working at our office is just one of the many steps they take on their journey. Diane, who works in client services, is one example of this, and her future looks very bright.

Diane first started working with us in July of last year. She’s currently a third-year criminology student at California State University San Marcos and has a strong vision for her future. She wants to graduate with her bachelor’s degree this May as a third-year before enrolling at California Western School of Law to pursue a law degree.

Diane even has goals beyond law school. She wants to work at the San Diego district attorney’s office, preferably on domestic violence cases. Diane feels that many people fail to understand the physical and mental aspects of domestic violence. She feels her generation is putting more focus on the mental health side of things, and she wants to ensure the legal system aligns with those values.

Before Diane heads off to law school and continues her journey toward becoming a full-fledged attorney, she’ll be here to assist clients with their needs. She’s often the first person you’ll talk to when you call our office, and she’s always ready to help you get started with your estate plan or the probate process while providing you with directions for any other need. She keeps kindness at the forefront of every conversation and does everything she can to help our clients.

Outside of work, you’ll likely find Diane at the gym, reading poetry, or traveling to San Diego for a food adventure. She loves trying new hot pot or Korean barbecue restaurants and never passes up an opportunity to get some ice cream from Somisomi.

We’re so excited to see what the next few years will bring for Diane. We know she will continue to impress others as she progresses through school and starts the next chapter of her life. Until then, she’ll be here to assist you with whatever you need!