Empowering Clients Through Education – Meet Bryan Fiorito

At Shoup Legal, we have many knowledgeable professionals who work behind the scenes to ensure our clients are well-informed and taken care of. Behind every strong business is a solid marketing team and strategy. We recently expanded our marketing team when we hired Bryan Fiorito as our new marketing director this past April.

Like many others, Bryan had his first experience with the estate planning process after the death of a family member. When his grandfather passed away, Bryan saw firsthand the different dynamics that come into play during death and estate planning. He didn’t want others to experience the same stress that plagued his family. After graduating from college, Bryan started an estate management company with his dad. He worked there for several years before taking a position as a marketing director at an estate planning firm in Los Angeles, CA.

After several years in that role, Bryan joined our team at Shoup Legal and has impressed us with his skills ever since. Bryan has an obvious passion for educating our clients about the estate planning process. He loves to get creative with different ways to share this vital information and effectively communicate the benefits of estate planning across all mediums (blogs, social media, workshops, and educational videos). He aims to keep our clients up to date on any changes in the estate planning industry so they can avoid probate and ensure their families are taken care of. His unique understanding of the CA Probate Process and seeing what it can do to families, is what motivates him to educate others.

Outside of the workplace, Bryan loves to travel and hang out with his family. He greatly enjoys playing sports with his son, particularly basketball. He spends plenty of time outside camping, hiking, and participating in various other outdoor activities. We can’t wait to see what marketing strategies Bryan implements in the coming months! He continues to impress us with his work ethic and ideas. He’s been a great addition to our team!

Andrea Shoup