Get to Know Jennifer! – Ready to Assist With a Smile

Whenever you call into a business or walk through its doors, you want someone to greet you with a smiling face and a welcoming voice. That’s why we put so much effort into hiring the best people for our welcoming team. This past April, we added Jennifer to our teamReady to Assist with a Smile, and in the past few months, she has proven her skills and exceeded expectations while helping our clients. Jennifer resides in Tennessee and graduated from college with a double bachelor’s degree in political science and chemistry. She started law school soon after, hoping to pursue a career in family law, but a death in her family made her put school on the back burner. She went into sales instead and built a long and successful career. The legal profession remained her passion, though.

By working with us, she’s getting to combine her passion with her experience, making this the perfect work setting for her. Jennifer’s interest in law started from an early age. She had many friends who went through difficult custody battles when their parents divorced. She saw the toll it was taking on them and wanted to do everything she could to help. Her compassion for others helped her immensely in her previous work experience, and now she’s ready to help people with their estate planning needs.

Since joining our team, Jennifer has proven to be a strong source of support for our clients. She keeps their fears and concerns in mind while helping them achieve their goals. She spends ample time getting to know her clients and their specific needs. Jennifer is determined to help our clients leave a legacy they’re proud of. Jennifer spends plenty of time out in nature and exploring the world while away from work. She goes on a family road trip every Sunday and loves hiking through the Smoky Mountains. Jennifer also has a husband and two kids that she absolutely adores.

We’re so glad to have Jennifer on our team and can’t wait for you to speak with her if you haven’t already!


Andrea Shoup