The Value of Self Sufficiency

Do you remember how excited you were when you were hired for your first job? A new opportunity opened up right in front of you, providing you with money, newfound responsibilities, and many valuable lessons. As summer continues, young adults from around the community are getting their first taste of the workforce while they’re on break from school.Summer Jobs and Personal Development

I got my first job while in high school and absolutely loved it. I worked at McDonald’s for two years as a crew chief and truly learned the meaning of responsibility. I was in charge of opening the restaurant in the morning, and the fact that they trusted someone as young as I was with keys to the store was kind of unbelievable. They must have felt that I was trustworthy and responsible enough to handle it.

Over time, I worked my way up and became a trainer before I took a job working in the back office. I learned many new skills in these roles that opened up other opportunities later in life. While I loved the day-to-day duties, I also loved the environment and people. It was always nice getting to know our regular customers and ensuring they left our restaurant with a smile. I think summer jobs are important for kids to experience. I’m always amazed when kids aren’t given the opportunity or don’t take advantage of it since they
can learn some truly valuable skills.

Yes, there is time for work in the future, but it’s more about becoming self-sufficient than anything else. When cellphones started to become popular, I convinced my parents to get me one under the condition that I was responsible for the bill. I was only making about $250 every two weeks, and sometimes $100 of that went straight to my phone bill. It always felt good knowing that I could take care of that responsibility.

If you have teenagers at home who are bored and looking for something to do, consider encouraging them to look for a part-time job. They’ll likely end up enjoying it way more than they would have imagined!


Andrea Shoup