Unlock a World of Opportunities  – How Extracurricular Activities Benefit Your Kids

As children return to school in August, they’ll likely be interested in one or more extracurricular activities. Opportunities both in school and in the community are numerous, such as participating in a local play, joining a school club or sports team, and many others. Extracurricular Unlocking a World of Opportunities activities are perfect for getting kids out of the house, but these ventures will also help them gain valuable experiences along with these three benefits.

Improves Social Skills
One of the biggest concerns parents have had since we experienced lockdowns during the pandemic is that their children struggle to communicate with others. Most of these kids were away from their peers for a year or more, which weakened their social skills. Participating in an extracurricular activity gives your kids a chance to communicate with others outside of a school setting. They’ll learn how other people think and how to best respond to certain situations.

Bolsters College Applications
If your child wants to attend college after high school, joining a club, team, or organization will give them a leg up on other candidates. College admissions officers love to see students who participate in extracurricular activities because it shows they are involved in their community and possess leadership and teamwork skills. While extracurriculars are not as important as other factors for college admissions, they still play a decisive role in the college’s choice to accept your child.

Helps Them Discover Their Passions
There are countless examples of kids discovering their true passion through participating in extracurricular activities. Your child might not become a professional athlete, but they might discover an alternate career path, like becoming a physical therapist or personal trainer by playing a sport. If your kid likes animals, they might find a prospective career path by volunteering at the zoo. If one activity doesn’t appeal to them, try another. Before long, you’ll find the perfect interest for your child.


Andrea Shoup