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How Are Your Property Taxes Being Impacted?

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      What you need to know about Proposition 19…

      The recent passage of Proposition 19 promises to dramatically change property tax rules for Californians. Effective in February, new rules for family transfer of real estate will significantly impact what can be exempted from reassessment as well as limit other property tax benefits. Fortunately, certain Estate Planning tools can protect your children from your property being reassessed!

      Will your Estate Plan be up to the test? Will your children be able to afford to keep your property in the family?

      Access our FREE on-demand webinar to update California residents on these changes and to help outline the steps property owners can take NOW to protect themselves and their heirs.

      Discussion points will include:

      • How are your property taxes affected by Prop 19?
      • How can you lower the property taxes your children pay?
      • What can you do NOW to avoid high property taxes in the future?

      Register now and get instant access to our Prop 19 webinar recording.

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