During these uncertain times, we cannot overemphasize the importance of implementing a cohesive estate plan. We are all experiencing rapid changes from day to day, including slowdowns and closures of our courts. This means that in an emergency situation, convincing a court to step in and establish conservatorship could become tricky, waste valuable time, or become entirely unobtainable.

On top of that, the current pandemic crisis could result in a shortage of medical care in some areas. Some people might need to make critical decisions with very little preparation for doing so.

This uncertainty can impact not only your medical or end-of-life decisions. Those who are married or have children must also consider the long-term financial impacts of a disaster situation.

We offer a variety of estate planning options, including an emergency at-home estate plan.

  1. Completed without leaving your home. At Shoup Legal, our entire team is already accustomed to working remotely. We have provided emergency estate plans for clients in the hospital, at their kitchen table, and at bedside. We have the ability to conduct all meetings over the phone, including document review, so that you can complete your estate plan without ever leaving your home.
  2. Prepared faster. While our comprehensive estate plans typically require two to three months, our emergency estate plan can be implemented in an average of three weeks from the initial call to signing of the documents. In more pressing situations we have completed an estate plan in fewer than 24 hours.
  3. Included in the emergency plan. An emergency estate plan is more compact, but covers necessary provisions in a crisis situation such as:
    • Guardianship designations for children
    • Optional probate avoidance trust
    • Health care documents to allow others to make necessary medical decisions
    • Powers of attorney for finances, business, and property

While an ongoing, severe crisis can leave us all feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, estate planning is even more important than ever. The key is to complete this plan before an unexpected emergency strikes.

Contact our team at (951) 445-4114 if you have any questions about the estate planning process, and we can help you get an emergency plan into place.