For those who have served in our military during wartime, benefits are available through the US Department of Veterans Affairs. You (or your loved one) might need these benefits to assist with activities related to daily living. As you might already know, specialized care can be expensive, and difficult to obtain.

VA Benefits are paid directly to the veteran, or in some cases to the veteran’s spouse, in order to pay for their care. However, qualification for benefits can be tricky. Your income and assets must meet certain criteria as defined by the VA, and some veterans miss out on much-deserved benefits when they fall above these thresholds. Or, they might feel forced to sell or otherwise transfer ownership of those assets.

That’s where proper estate planning comes into play. We can help you preserve your assets, while also getting you into a position to qualify for VA benefits. Now you can receive the quality care you need, but without making a sacrifice with regard to your property.

If you have questions about qualification for VA benefits, give us a call. We can show you how estate planning provides the key you need to unlock the resources you deserve.