As you establish a trust, you will proceed through a list of questions that help you to structure the trust appropriately. One of the most important of those questions will involve selecting your successor trustee.

The role of the trustee is to manage the trust. But what do we mean by “manage”? Depending upon the function of your trust, managing it might involve:

  • Buying and selling real property
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Making distributions
  • Making deposits

Basically, if it needs a signature, it falls under the responsibilities of the trustee.

As you can see, a trusted individual is required to carry out these types of tasks. So, you will ask yourself who you trust with such important responsibilities. This person will be making decisions for you, after you pass away, or even if you become incapacitated. At some point you might become unable to manage financial affairs, so you will need this trusted individual to step in and manage the trust for you.

So, who do you trust to make mortgage payments, pay the bills, and more?

We can assist you in making this crucial decision, and help to draw up the necessary documents. Give us a call, and together we will evaluate your situation.