Plan Today, Protect Tomorrow: It’s National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Creating an estate plan is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family if the unexpected were to happen. The loss of a loved one can cause dramatic changes in our lives. In the days, weeks, and months after a loss, you should have time to grieve and reminisce, but too often, people are thrown into a difficult situation where they have to go through probate because their loved one did not have an estate plan in place. Don’t make this mistake! Between Oct. 16 and 22, we recognize National Estate Planning Awareness Week, which provides us with an opportunity to create or update our estate plans.

The simple truth is that most people are uncomfortable having the estate planning conversation. Nobody likes talking about death, incapacitation, or the lingering “what ifs” that come into play. I can tell you right now that it’s not going to be a fun conversation, but it is one of the most loving and meaningful conversations we can have with our families. If we can push through the discomfort, we can make some challenging and tough times easier for everyone involved.

In honor of National Estate Planning Awareness Week, we want to help you and your family start the estate planning conversation and answer any questions that may arise. To do so, we’re offering a huge discount on our estate planning essentials webinar. Our webinar usually costs $200, but we’re slashing that price and offering it for free to our clients and their loved ones. All you have to do is scan the QR code or visit to register.

We’ll discuss many important estate planning topics that will help provide you with some direction. Our webinar will help you better understand the basic elements of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives. You’ll discover how to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes, avoid probate, and minimize estate taxes. Homeowners, business owners, married couples, parents, retirees, individuals from blended families, and just about anyone else you can think of will benefit from attending this webinar.

When I speak to people at a workshop or host a seminar where I discuss what happens during probate and how to avoid it with an estate plan, around 90% of people will tell me that they were unaware of this information and the need for an estate plan. I think that’s why National Estate Planning Awareness Week is so vital. There are so many people who don’t know the ins and outs, and it’s up to those of us who do know to help everyone else.

If you’re reading this newsletter, you likely already have an estate plan and know why it’s so important. I want you to pass this newsletter on to a loved one and encourage them to attend our estate planning essentials webinar. You must help the people you care about, or they could accidentally make a difficult situation exponentially worse. We hope you and your loved ones will gain some critical information from our webinar!


Andrea Shoup