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Including Your Pets in Your Estate Plan: How to Protect Your Furry Family Members

Most pet owners will agree: pets are more than an animal in the house – they are a furry member of the family. When you have a pet, it makes…

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Discover Your American Dream and Celebrate it on the Fourth

Discover & Celebrate Your American Dream! Throughout the year, we recognize several holidays that give us a chance to celebrate our American pride. The Fourth of July is one of…

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From Family to Financials: Shoup Legal’s Top 10 Estate Planning Tips for 2021 and Beyond

Proposed legislation in Washington DC means the federal tax climate is likely to change sooner rather than later, but that’s not the only reason you should be thinking about your…

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Why Life Insurance Could Be Vital to Your Estate Planning Strategy

Life insurance policies are emerging as important estate planning tools, which is especially important with so much tax uncertainty for the future. While the status quo is likely for now,…

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