The Power of Encouragement: Inspiring Others to Reach New Heights

Encouragement is a driving force behind many of our actions. Whenever we come across a challenging task, we often experience self-doubt. We can push past any obstacle when we encourage ourselves or receive encouragement from others. In September, we recognize the National Day of Encouragement, which calls on us to lift others and impact their lives through encouragement.

Over 10 years ago, I decided to run my first marathon. I had bee n a runner throughout my life and figured it was time for the next challenge. I had a special shirt made that said “Andie” on the front (my family’s nickname for me) and the quote “Pain is weakness leaving the body” on the back. The first few miles felt like a breeze, but once I reached mile 12, I started to second-guess my decision.

The encouraging words I received from spectators and other participants pushed me to the finish line. Hearing onlookers chant my name and tell me I could do it gave me a huge boost. The other runners thanked me whenever they passed me, acknowledging that the message on the back of my shirt encouraged them to push harder. That marathon was a very positive experience.

I’ve always tried to use encouragement to boost others. It’s something we do regularly at Shoup Legal. I want to encourage my team to do a great job, grow in their roles, and develop their skills. I like to get everyone involved whenever we experience success because it takes a team effort to accomplish our goals.

One of our team members might not know their impact on others’ lives, but we can make them aware through recognition and encouragement. As a parent, encouragement is essential to my children’s development. I want to recognize the effort they put into their schoolwork or art. It doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as they’re trying their best, I’ll build them up and encourage them with enthusiasm.

We often underestimate how much we need encouragement from others, regardless of whether we know them well. When we encourage others, we’re helping them become the best versions of themselves as they work diligently to reach their dreams.


Andrea Shoup