The holidays are a time when families come together. You have time to catch up and talk about the future. Oftentimes, we take a vacation from work and do not have daily stresses filling up our lives. All these reasons create the perfect time to discuss estate planning with your family.6 Tips for Estate Planning Over the Holidays

6 Tips for Estate Planning

Take a moment to think about your family and all that you have created, and you may start to have thoughts of how you would want to take care of them if something were to happen to you.

Here are some tips on how you can approach the topic of estate planning with your loved ones:

  1. Prepare the Paperwork: Print the paperwork to show what information is required to start the estate planning process. They do not need to get it all done in one evening.
  2. Be Ready to Answer Questions: If your aging parents are filled with questions about why estate planning is needed and how it applies to them, be ready to come with answers. Explain how important it is to know where their assets will go after they die according to their wishes.
  3. Respect Boundaries: Perhaps your parents do not want to talk about passing away or anything unexpected happening, especially around the holidays. Follow their lead. Ask if you can set up a time after the holidays to resume the conversation.
  4. Take Baby Steps: Estate planning is a process. Take away the potential stress by explaining that estate planning can happen over a series of conversations.
  5. Find Appropriate Times to Talk: Be aware of how an estate planning conversation may kill the mood. Find a time during morning coffee or afternoon downtime to discuss the subject.
  6. Offer Assistance: If your family members are hesitant about where to start, offer your assistance. You can serve as a trustee or executor of the will. Or you can recommend a trusted law firm to handle the official planning.

It’s time to have these important conversations with your family members to create necessary plans for the future. This holiday season is a perfect time to make it happen.

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