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Does my Spouse Need a Separate Estate Plan?

Married couples will usually make their estate plan together, especially if they hold most assets jointly and have the same goal to provide for their family’s future. In that case,…

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Deadline Alert: Certain SSI Recipients Must Claim Their Stimulus Payments Now

If you receive SSI, you might be eligible for your own economic impact (stimulus) payment as part of the coronavirus relief package passed by Congress. In many cases, the IRS…

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At-Home Emergency Estate Plans

During these uncertain times, we cannot overemphasize the importance of implementing a cohesive estate plan. We are all experiencing rapid changes from day to day, including slowdowns and closures of…

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Don’t Wait: The Importance of Estate Planning During Times of Uncertainty

With the threat of pandemic looming over us, we hope that you’re staying home and staying healthy. But since the urgency of this event has reminded us of how things…

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How the SECURE Act Impacts Estate Planning

Most provisions of the SECURE Act, signed into law this past December, were aimed at making retirement planning more accessible to a greater number of Americans. However, one requirement regarding…

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What Happens to Your Life Insurance Policy When You Make an Estate Plan?

It is fairly common for an individual with a spouse or family to take out a life insurance policy, to provide financial security in the event they pass away. Depending…

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Medi-Cal Benefits and Nursing Care

The time may come that you or a loved one needs the skilled nursing care provided by a specialized facility. For many individuals and families, the cost of a nursing…

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What Happens if You Don’t Include One or More Heirs in Your Estate Plan?

Many people decide to have their spouse or children inherit from them, but what if you decide to omit one or more heirs, or even have a child that you…

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Estate Planning Resolutions for the New Year

As you make your 2020 New Year’s resolutions, it may be the perfect time to include estate planning on that list. Since procrastination seems to be a major barrier to…

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Discharge from a Skilled Nursing Facility: What Are Your Rights?

If you have a family member who was admitted to a skilled nursing facility following hospitalization, you may not realize that there are rules if the facility asks a resident…

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The Top Five Reasons People Don’t Make an Estate Plan

According to recent surveys only 40-50% of adult Americans have an estate plan, and that is in spite of the fact that 75% think at least having a will is…

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How to Select a California Estate Planning Attorney?

If you have decided that it is time to make an estate plan, you now have an important choice to make on who will be your estate planning attorney. Just…

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