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Time to Dust Off Your Trust: If Your Estate Plan is More Than Three Years Old, It’s Probably Outdated

Changes in life are inevitable. A birth, death, marriage, divorce, move, property purchase or sale, change in laws and regulations, or the simple fact that our families age are the…

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Protect Your Legacy and Gain Peace of Mind with a Proper Estate Plan

You’ve likely heard a lot about estate planning, but do you know why it’s so important — both for you and for your family? When it’s done right, estate planning…

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Estate Planning: Learning the Basics

When it comes to estate planning, knowing what to do (and what not to do) is critical to your peace of mind and your family’s. The time of a loved…

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With the New Year Comes Changes to Property Tax Rules: Proposition 19 Heads the List

As we start the new year with cautious optimism, happily bidding 2020 “Good riddance,” one of the first issues for California property owners to tackle is how they (and their…

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In CA, You Have 15 Days in December to Give Your Business a Head Start for the New Year

At year’s end, most businesses are balancing accounts and closing their books on what hopefully has been a successful year. It’s also the time of year when many business owners…

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What Happens If You Die Without an Estate Plan?

It is easy to put off making an estate plan with a will or trust, and young, healthy individuals may see it as a low priority. However, estate planning is…

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Act Now to Restructure Your Business

Click Here to Download the Incorporation Guide! Business owners, take note: The end of the year can be an exciting time of opportunities for your business. Before the year ends,…

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How to Turn Your Business Into a Fortress!

Your business can be a fortress, or it can become a significant liability. It just depends on the actions you take. These four strategies can help you to build a…

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Shoup Legal Earns “Best Law Firm in the Inland Empire for 2020”

We are proud and humbled to announce that Shoup Legal has earned the honor of being the Inland Empire’s “Best Law Firm” for 2020. From the Press Enterprise: Time passes…

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Business Planning Strategies in the Time of COVID

If you are a business owner during this challenging time, you are not just worried about staying healthy, you also have to maintain the financial viability of your business. Some…

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Secure Medicare Insurance BEFORE You Move

If you’re planning a move out of state, changing your health insurance might not fall at the top of your to-do list. Many people make the mistake of assuming their…

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Which is Better for My Estate Plan – a Trust or a Will?

When you start to look into estate planning, one of the first questions to come up is what type of documents you need. That choice will include whether to use…

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