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Estate Planning for Parents with Adult Children

When you are ready to get your affairs in order, you may want to involve your adult children. Many people appoint their adult children as executors on a will or…

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Why Does Probate Court Cost So Much in California?

If you pass away and have not properly prepared with an estate plan, your assets will fall into probate before they can be distributed to your loved ones. In many…

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Celebrate Love by Creating an Estate Plan for the Family

February is the month of love! Valentine’s Day includes thinking about all the people in your life that mean the world to you. It’s hard to think about your own…

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5 Major Estate Planning Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

Estate planning is always best done with a professional because so many pieces come into play that you may need to consider. A legal team well-versed in estate planning, including…

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Who Should Be Your Trustee?

When you create a trust, you appoint a trustee of that trust who will abide by your wishes you’ve set forward. Some examples of these wishes can include the following:…

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6 Life Events That Require an Estate Plan Update

Is it time to update your estate plan? A common misconception is that just because you created an estate plan years ago does not mean that you can leave it…

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Estate Planning for Families Who Have Children with Special Needs

Taking care of your family is a priority when you create an estate plan. You want to ensure that all your family members are provided for after your death by…

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What Single Parents Should Know About Estate Planning

Thinking about estate planning can feel like a burden. You never want to imagine unexpectedly passing away and what would happen to your assets or, more importantly, your children. What…

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Estate Planning Resolutions for 2023

Thinking about what happens after you die can be an uncomfortable thing to consider. Oftentimes it’s easy to put-off getting your estate plan done because you’re not planning on passing…

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6 Tips for Estate Planning Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time when families come together. You have time to catch up and talk about the future. Oftentimes, we take a vacation from work and do not…

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6 Things to Consider Before Naming Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Do you have a life insurance policy? If you are thinking about drawing up a life insurance policy, you need to be aware about important considerations when naming your beneficiaries….

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Holiday Travel: Is Your Estate Plan Up to Date?

Many people travel during the holidays, whisking out of the country or off to the beach to escape the cold. Before you leave on vacation, do you have your estate…

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